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To construct wire guards we borrowed from nature’s master builder, the spider, creating a patented web of protection.

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STI Products Work!
As a tourist resort area, we have kids who mess with fire extinguishers during spring break and graduation months. Fortunately, STI Fire Extinguisher Theft Stoppers are controlling it.

Les Williamson
Fire Marshal
North Myrtle Beach Public Safety

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About STI

False fire alarms and the theft and vandalism of protection devices can be a serious issue, compromising safety as well as costing money.

STI has been producing safety technologies that stop false fire alarms and prevent theft and vandalism for thirty years. We now market more than 1000 products worldwide. Our range includes fire alarms protection devices, stopper covers and enclosures, wire guard protectors and security protection products.

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STI Stopper II

Chime Operates
up to 500'

New Wireless Musical Doorbell Chime

    • Wireless musical doorbell chime
    • Works up to 500 feet
    • Quick and easy to install, no wiring required
    • Ten selectable sounds
    • Can be used as a pager for a
      person requiring special care
    • UL/cUL Listed, FCC Certified

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Protective Cover

Mount Directly to an Electrical Box

    • Mounts directly through product mounting
      plate to an electrical box
    • Included mounting frame eliminates the need
      to drill additional holes in the wall
    • Brother to the Bopper Stopper®
    • Hinged cover takes hard knocks in stride
      while helping to protect smaller-sized
      electrical units

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Low Profile Cover

Universal Stopper® Low Profile

    • Indoor/outdoor low profile cover
      protects devices against damage
    • Constructed of high impact polycarbonate
    • Covers dual action pull stations, keypad for
      entry systems, intercom station, emergency
      button, wall mounted electrical box, duplex
      plug, etc.
    • High strength continuous hinge
    • ADA Compliant

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Is Somone

Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector
with Talking Receiver

    • Sends wireless signal to voice receiver
      when outdoor motion is detected
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Operates up to 1000 feet (line of sight)
    • Receiver offers 10 tones/tunes and 53
      selectable words (in English or Spanish)
    • Water resistant for outdoor use

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